Entity lookup

With the entity-centric API, the MK Data Hub enables users and applications to obtain data aggregated from multiple, open sources around specific entities (places, topics, etc.). Through this page, you can preview city data for your application to use.

To obtain data about an entity, select its type from the drop-down box, enter its identifier (or select a suggested one as you type) and click the Lookup button.

Error: failed to ping entity-centric API at https://data.mksmart.org/entity/. Lookup form could not be created. Please try later or contact the Data Hub administrator.

More information on using these entity data can be found on the tutorial page on exploring data by entity.


This page requires a Web browser that supports cross-origin resource sharing, e.g. Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 13+, Opera 12+, Safari 6+, IE10+ or Edge.